... even the word soothes the ear! Once thought a luxury only for the rich and famous, massage is now known to be a valuable wellness tool. Please consider all the "wrecks" your structure has had and ask, "when was my last tune-up?"

Every cell in your body is nourished, repaired and cleansed by three important rivers of life - nerve communication from the brain, blood circulation carrying nutrients to the tissue, and lymphatic drainage taking waste material away from the tissues. If any "river" is compromised, hindered or interrupted, dis-ease may begin. Properly applied massage strokes relax muscle tension and relieve pressure on nerves and tiny blood vessels which improves overall circulation and communication. Regular massage helps structures operate at peak efficiency, enhancing many body systems. Stay in alignment! Because your body was created to be"the temple of the living God!"

Each session combines classic Indo-European relaxation massage with corrective Myo-Skeletal deep tissue techniques and stretching to improve circulation, stimulate muscle fiber and reduce pain. Organic oils or Badger Balm are used to nourish skin and herbal applications soothe nerves and reduce pain. Pure essential oils with pleasing aromas have been shown to reduce stress, boost immunity, relieve pain and enhance your overall experience. Invigorating salt massage increases skin circulation, adds magnesium to detoxify tissues and makes the skin silky smooth. You choose the session that meets your needs from head to foot. With specific issues, we can assist you in designing a program to increase your well-being. Due to photosynthesizing effects of essential oils, do not use a tanning bed for 48 hours following a massage. If you plan on tanning, tell us at the beginning of your massage and no essential oils will be used.

The physical benefits of massage are many. A few reasons to invest in massage therapy on a regular basis include:

1. Relaxes Muscle Tension:

  • increased blood & lymph circulation
  • relieved tired & aching muscles
  • reduced chronic (long-term) pain
  • relieved cramps
  • improved posture
  • reduced tension headaches

2. Calms the nervous system.

  • deeper breathing
  • improved digestion
  • better sleep
  • reduced anxiety and mental stress
  • a feeling of well-being
  • greater creative expression
  • less irritability
  • improved concentration

3. Stretches connective tissues.

  • increased flexibility and range of motion
  • reduced scarring
  • decreased muscle deterioration

4. Increases metabolic nutrition.

  • increased red blood cell counts
  • strengthened the immune system
  • improved skin tone

AND ALL THIS EQUALS...Promotion of general well being. Call 812-482-7868 today to get your questions answered and schedule your "tune-up" with Desiree or Jessica! Click here for current session prices.